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Unusual Company has World Famous Authentic Italian Gelato with Non-Dairy options. Movie Memorabilia in Ellicott City, Collectibles, Comics, and Art all wrapped up in a circa 1905 bank building! 

Unusual Company building on Main Street Ellicott City Puzzle


After the Ellicott City flood of 2018, our family wanted to do something to give back to the community. We saw many buildings vacant and hardly any stores or people walking and visiting the small town as we have always known it.

All of us visited Old Ellicott City Main Street as kids. There are so many memories of walking up and down Main Street visiting the small shops. We decided to rent a building and develop a retail concept that would be fun and unique for everyone to visit.

Gelato Pints and Ice Cream Cones


Satisfy your taste buds with the world-famous gelato at Unusual Company. Whether you are looking for chocolate, vanilla or want to try a more adventurous flavor, we have just want you need. Looking for vegan options?

kitty kitty meow meow family card game


An all ages card and dice game where the champion of the game collects the most kitties. Players gather kitties from the clowder; then trade, steal, and get even more kitties.
Watch out for Crazy Kitty Clashes!


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Gelato, ice cream cone, dessert
Geltato Cone, ice cream, dessert
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